DR2 (National Danish Broadcaster) will screen With Robots in Mind - May 29 at 8.00 PM followed by feature film RoboCop. This 55" HD English/Danish doc follows the playful and good hearted professor on his personal quest to find a partner with a heart of gold in order to develop good robots together. On his journey he meets some of the most innovative roboticists alive. Along the way he discovers how Japanese people somehow see the robot as a spiritual living thing while in the US all research is funded by the US military. Lund realizes that most of the robots here are meant to kill or help to kill. Right now 5000 robots are in war and more are made ready to march into different war zones. The US army are recruiting youngsters who are good at playing computer games, and gamers from Silicon Valley who are tired of playing games on a screen develop war robots and sell them to all the nations that are banned from buying anywhere else. They can shoot down a village using a game boy controller. China copies shooting robots that goes off at various demonstrations shooting people, while the so called refuseniks simply will not paint their robots green in order to satisfy the Military sponsors. A developer who does not get funding from the military has created a robotic car where the neighbours are terrified of walking the streets. Where does all this leave the good Professor Henrik Hautop Lund? Will he find his partner? Will he still believe that robots are great for humanity? The programme is distributed in all territories of the world by DR International sales.
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